HARD TO FIND! RARE! SOLD OUT IN STORES!!!!  AUTHENTIC Kelly Squishmallow Astra the Little Bluebird 7". New With Tag. Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card! Astra loves coffee, cupcakes, and bubble-gum ice cream. She is a nurse who works in the hospital with mini mallows. She loves to have fun with her patients and tries to tell a new joke every day. Do you have a good joke for her to share? Astra is a pale Blue/Lavender bird with a fluffy white belly and a pink blush on each cheek. She has a triangular orange beak. The fluffy wings and crest of feathers atop her head are also white. She has closed eyes with short, curled lashes.

Super squishy and oh so soft!!!  Great embroidered details. Fast shipping.

Very RARE Authentic Kelly Squishmallow Astra the Bluebird 7" NWT

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