From the makers of Squishmallows Tristan the Dinosaur Huggapal 24" -  NWT - Kellytoy Authentic

Gift Card Included - This guy is Big!

Each Squishmallow comes with a Free Custom Personalized Character Card!

Want to get in shape? Schedule a session with Tristan, an amazing personal trainer! He’s training for a bodybuilding competition right now, and after that, a marathon!

Tristan is a green dinosaur with a white belly. A ridge of dark green spines appears atop his head. He has two white horns on his head and a large white horn on his face. He has black, round eyes and a smiling mouth.

Super squishy soft with awesome embroidered and appliqued details. Fast shipping.

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Squishmallows Tristan the Triceratops Dinosaur Hug A Pal 24" -  NWT

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