Squishmallows 8" Pearson The Tie-Dyed Panda SquishDoo NWT Canadian/UK/ Australian Version. Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card! 

Meet Pearson! Pearson lives with his grandparents and loves mac n cheese, motorbikes, and fly fishing. Even though he doesn't like fish, Pearson loves to spend time with his grandma because she taught him how to fish! He's not old enough to ride motorcycles yet but one day he will!

Pearson is a white bear with a rainbow tie-dye pattern on his ears, around his eyes, and in a band around his body. His nose, mouth, and eyes are all black, and his eyes have a white ring around them. Fluffy tie-dyed hair. Super squishy and oh so soft. Fast shipping.

Squishmallows 8" Pearson Tie-Dyed Panda SquishDoo Canadian/UK/ Australian NWT

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