Squishmallow 8" Micky the Unicorn NWT Kellytoy Original. Each Squishmallow comes with a customized Character Gift Card!
Micky is full of life! She's a neighborhood coffee shop barista that likes making people laugh and smile. She loves to cook and take her dog Frita for a walk to the doggie park. She's an animal lover for sure and aspires to be a vet someday.
Micky is a white unicorn with hot pink on her belly and tail. She also has hot pink inner ears and a horn, although these are also shimmery. Her very pale, multi-colored mane includes lemon yellow, powder blue, and lilac purple. Her eyes are closed and she has long curled lashes.  Super squishy and oh so soft. Fast shipping.

Squishmallows 8" Micky the Unicorn NWT Kellytoy Original

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