Extremely Rare! Hard to find! Authentic Kellytoy Squishmallow 8" MELANI The Blue Fox with Gold Ears, Canadian/UK/Australian Exclusive.   Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card!

Melani is always on the move, she just can't sit still. Melani goes to school online and hates sitting down so her mom helps to keep her calm. She loves stickers and gets a sticker when she sits for an assignment. Do you want to see her collection?

Melani is a fox with a tie-dye coat resembling a cloudy blue sky. The inside of her ears are shiny gold and she has a white belly. She has a white, mask-like marking around her closed eyes. Her tail is mostly the same as her body but ends with a white tip.

Great embroidered and appliqued details.  Fast Shipping.

Squishmallows 8" MELANI Sleepy Eyed Blue Fox w/Gold Ears Canadian/UK/Aust NWT

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