RARE  Squishmallows 8"  LEELAND The Lime Slice Canadian/UK/Australia NWT 2021 Fruit Collection. Each Squishmallow comes with a customized Character Gift Card!

Looking for a mallow who will always have your back? It's time you met Leeland! Leeland is a team player both on and off the court, especially when it involves his sister. Even though she is older than him and they don't always get along, he has her back.

Leeland is a lime, a green citrus fruit. He has a medium green outer area, or skin, and the inside of the lime/front of him is a very light green circle. He has light and bright yellow-ish green shapes on his stomach. He has a dark green leaf on a brown stem on top, and black round eyes and a red smile.

Excellent embroidered and appliqued details.  Super squishy and oh so soft. Fast shipping.

Squishmallows 8" LEELAND The Lime Slice Canadian/UK/Australia NWT

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