Squishmallows 8" GIGI The Orange Tabby Cat - Summer Collection - Kellytoy Original NWT- HTF. Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card!

This squishmallow moves a mile a minute, thanks to her favorite fuel: apple juice! When Gigi is around, you are sure to smell a hint of apple before you see her. How many is too many? The limit does not exist!

Gigi is a tabby cat with peachy orange fur. They have dark orange stripes on her head and sides. They have a cream belly and inner ears to match, as well as a white muzzle. Their nose and mouth are peach colored, framed by black whiskers, and they have round, black eyes.

Super squishy soft with great embroidered and appliqued details. Fast shipping.

Squishmallows 8" GIGI The Orange Tabby Cat NWT HTF Summer Collection

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