Rare Squishmallows 8" Edmond the Brown Tie-dyed Pterodactyl Canadian/UK/Australian Kellytoy Original NWT - Each Squishmallow comes with a customized Character Gift Card!  
Great embroidered and appliqued details.  Super squishy soft. Fast shipping. 
 Though he can easily fly down the mountain, Edmund loves to show off his crunchy moves and feel the fresh snow under his board. This is one pterodactyl who loves cruisin' down the slopes. Edmund has a brown body with white tie dyed rings on it. He has a round beige snout with two brown nostrils and a black smile and eyes. Edmund has the same tie dye pattern on his outside wings with plain beige inner wings. He also has a beige stomach. 

Squishmallows 8" Edmond The Tie-Dyed Pterodactyl Canadian/UK/Austr NWT RARE

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