Squishmallows 16" Gracie the Caticorn Mermaid LARGE Kellytoy Original - EXCLUSIVE - NWT - Hard to find. Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card!

Are you ready to meet the queen of the lagoon? Gracie is one of the most glamorous girls you'll meet. Her style is a little retro mixed with old-school Mallowood, thanks to her favorite vintage shops.

Gracie is a combination of a cat, unicorn and mermaid, and has features of each. The top half of her body is pastel pink and she has large triangular ears. The inside of her ears have iridescent silver inserts. Both the spiral on her horn and her nose and mouth are a soft periwinkle blue. She has closed eyes and two black whiskers on each cheek.

The bottom half of Gracie's body is covered in scales, which are patterned in pastel rainbow stripes. She wears a shell bra consisting of two heart-shaped, silver iridescent shells which are outlined in periwinkle blue. Her horn is iridescent silver as well.  LOVE the flipper tail on the back.

Super squishy soft with awesome embroidered and appliqued details. Fast shipping.

Squishmallows 16" Gracie the Caticorn Mermaid Kellytoy Original EXCLUSIVE NWT

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