Squishmallows 14" Drella the Cow Hug Mees, Great embroidered details. So squishy soft! NWT. Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card!

Drella and her sister Marina are complete opposites. Marina loves to play outside while Drella would rather stay inside and play video games. Drella's favorite thing about spring is the rainy days.

Drella is mostly white with patches of dark brown on her lower right side, her lower left side, over her right eye, and on the back of her right ear. She has small, pale yellow horns and oval black eyes. Her muzzle is white with dark brown nostrils. She has dark brown hooves and a white tail that has a dark brown tip. There is a large pink flower and a smaller blue flower stitched onto her stomach. Her 2021 edition has light brown patches, a pink muzzle with pink nostrils, and a colorful Easter egg stitched onto her stomach.

Squishmallows 14" Drella the Cow Hug Mees, NWT

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