Rare! Authentic Kellytoy Squishmallow Kent the Chameleon 12" tall.  Popular on Tic-Tok, Exclusive - NWT.  Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card!

Great embroidered and appliqued details. 

Squishmallows 12" Kent the Chameleon Exclusive Hard to Find New Release Kellytoy Original 

Kent is a theatre geek who loves to put on a show. While he's still not quite ready to play the lead, he dedicates a lot of time to the roles he plays and learning how to get into character. This year he's trying out for his first musical, can you help him prepare?

Kent is a pale green lizard with a rainbow-striped belly. He has a dark green frill atop his head and a thin, curled tail the same color. He has three broad stripes on his back in red, blue and yellow. He has large, wide eyes with shiny black pupils. He has a smiling mouth and is poking out his pink tongue. Super squishy soft with awesome embroidered and appliqued details. Fast shipping.


Squishmallows 12" Kent the Chameleon Exclusive Kellytoy Original HTF NWT

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