Squishmallows 11" SIMONE The Pink SHRIMP - Sealife Collection  Kellytoy Original NWT 
Each Squishmallow comes with a customized Character Gift Card!

Grab your spectacles and get ready for a musical journey, Simone is about to go on stage! Simone is an opera singer with a magical voice. You're always in for a treat if you can catch her while she's in town.

Simone is a pink-red shrimp. She has 8 little arms, a shimmery tail and 2 shimmery antenna on top of her head. Her belly is light pink and striped with her bright red/orange body color. Her face features 2 round black eyes and a small happy smile.

Super squishy soft with great embroidered and appliqued details. Fast shipping.

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Squishmallows 11" Simone the Pink Shrimp Kellytoy Original NWT HTF

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