Squishmallow ZOZO the Rainbow BigFoot 16"  NWT 

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Meet Zozo.  Her embroidered feet are just the cutest!!! She loves art and filmmaking and is really quite silly. Zozo loves to have fun with her friends and use her imagination. She loves creativity and makes her own videos, drawings, and even toy designs. Do you want to see her portfolio?

Zozo is a bigfoot with a rainbow multi-colored fuzzy mane on her head, and long shaggy ears. She has a white face and a blue belly, and white pads on her feet which are shaped like hearts. This version of Zozo has black eyes with short lashes, and a white bow. She has a wide mouth that stretches across her entire face.

Super squishy and oh so soft! Wonderful embroidered and appliqued details.

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Squishmallow ZOZO the Rainbow BigFoot 16"  NWT

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