Squishmallow Winifred the Chameleon Tie-Dyed  7.5" NWT Gift Card Included

Each Squishmallow comes with a Free Custom Personalized Character Gift Card!

Winifred is a jeweler and creates stunning one-of-a-kind pieces that sparkle and glow. She gets to know her customer before designing something special for them and loves to see their reaction. Would you like her to make something for you?

Winifred is a colorful lizard with a tie-dye pattern of green and red circles on a white base. She has a hot pink frill atop her head. She has round black eyes with a white shine and curled lashes. However, her 7.5" does not have the white shine. She has a smiling mouth.

Great embroidered and appliqued details. Super squishy and oh so soft.

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Squishmallow Winifred the Chameleon Tie-Dyed 7.5" NWT

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