Squishmallow Violet The Octopus 8"  NWT

Every Squishmallow comes with a Free Custom Character Gift Card and Custom Adoption Certificate Card!

This Squishmallow is a Kellytoy Authentic and personalized for you, if desired, by me.

Personalization is available upon request to include a pretty bow and Birthstone Heart hanging charm applied to the Squishmallow. (Bow Color is White). See photos for examples.  The recipient's name is written on the Character Card, not on the Squishmallow itself.

Please allow an additional day for personalization if desired. Super squishy and oh so soft with great embroidered and appliqued details.



Violet is the bright, spirited queen of the sea who has a passion for adventure and exploration! She loves to join Kai on his quest for sunken treasure and uses her degree in archaeology to identify where the treasure originated!

Violet is, as her name suggests, a violet-colored octopus. She has a round body with eight short tentacles. She has a smiling face with black eyes and a white belly. Violet has a pink flower on her head.

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Squishmallow Violet The Octopus 8" NWT

SKU: K388