Squishmallow Sydnee the Squirrel 16"  Costco Exclusive VHTF NEW 2021 

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Meet Sydnee. This squirrel wants to be a super-spy when she grows up! Sydnee loves to watch spy and undercover agent movies with her dad, they even have their own secret code words. Sydnee wants her dad to build a super-secret tree house, would you like to help?

Sydnee is a squirrel with periwinkle blue fur. She has three darker blue stripes on her head, and her nose and mouth are the same shade. Her face and belly are white and she has closed, black eyes with thick, curled lashes. Her colorful, fluffy tail is pink, pale blue and yellow. Super Squishy soft with awesome embroidered and appliqued details. Fast shipping.

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Squishmallow Sydnee the Squirrel 16" Costco Exclusive VHTF NEW 2021

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