Squishmallow Opal the Octopus tie-dyed 8" Choose Kindness HTF
Meet Opal. She's the only girl in a family with 4 older brothers who love her dearly. Last year they gave her a pink sparkly dirt bike! She especially loves to ride after the rain so she can splash around in the really big puddles.
Opal is an octopus with a rainbow tie-dye pattern and a white belly. She has a round body with eight short tentacles, each of which is a different color (including blue, green, yellow and pink). Her black eyes are closed, with short, spiky lashes, and she has a smiling mouth. This version of Opal has her wearing a bow on her head and embroidered "Choose Kindness" written across her belly.
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Super squishy and oh so soft with great embroidered and appliqued details.
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Squishmallow Opal the Octopus tie-dyed 8" Choose Kindness HTF

SKU: W1-535