Squishmallow Henley the Stackable Alicorn 14" New release 
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Meet the next popstar, Henley! This Alicorn is not your usual gal, she enjoys performing and singing her very own originals. When she's not in the spotlight she loves baking and eating her favorite, lasagne! Are you ready to boogie down with Henley?
Henley is an alicorn, a combination of a unicorn and pegasus, with a pink tie-dye pattern. She has a fluffy, hot pink mane and tail. She has a white belly and muzzle. Her horn, inner ears and wings are all shimmery hot pink. She has round, black eyes with long lashes. In this form, she has closed eyes with curled lashes. Fully stackable.
Super squishy and oh so soft. Wonderful embroidered and appliqued details.
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Squishmallow Henley the Stackable Alicorn 14" New release

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