Squishmallow Faldette the Fox 12" EXCLUSIVE NWT

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Here comes Faldette! Faldette is a bundle of energy, she's one active fox and is always up for some fun or adventure. Faldette has run multiple marathons, one year she broke her PR and came in first! Do you think you could keep up with Faldette?

Faldette is a fox with a marbled blue-grey and white print. She has a white mask marking across her face, as well as a white belly and inner ears. She has a round, black nose and oval eyes with a white shine. She has long, curly lashes and is poking out her pink tongue. Her tail is fluffy and blue with a white tip.

Super squishy and oh so soft. Awesome embroidered and appliqued details. 

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Squishmallow Faldette the Fox 12" EXCLUSIVE NWT

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