Squishmallow 8" Clara the Cupcake with Cherry Canadian/UK/Australian Kellytoy Original NWT
Great embroidered and appliqued details. Super squishy soft.  Each Squishmallow comes with a customized Character Gift Card!Fast shipping.

Meet Clara. This cupcake loves to see her friends at the local CrossFit gym, they call themselves the Sugar Box Gang. Clara loves to bake and her favorite treat to bake is brownies with sprinkles and frosting.

Clara is a pink cupcake with white frosting, decorated with rainbow sprinkles. She has a cherry on top. Her bottom half is light brown with darker brown, vertical stripes. She has round, black eyes with short lashes, a red, smiling mouth and hot pink blush on each cheek.

Squishmallow 8" Clara the Cupcake Canadian/UK/Australian Kellytoy Original NWT

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