Extremely Rare! Hard to find! Authentic Kellytoy Squishmallow BABS The Blue Jay Canadian/UK Exclusive. 8" New with tag. Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card! Meet Babs. She loves super heroes, sci-fi, and created her own superhero, Captain Blueberry! Captain Blueberry is a regular bird by day and solves crime by night. Now Babs just needs to create a sidekick, what should she call them?AppearanceBabs is a blue and white bird with fluffy blue wings and a pale grey beak. There are two shades of blue: royal blue on top of her head and on her body, and navy blue on the bottom part of her head. She has a white face mask which is shaped like an M, arching over each eye and dipping below her beak. Her belly is also white. She has black eyes and pink blush on each cheek, as well as a blue line that stretches horizontally across her face, in line with her eyes. Great embroidered and appliqued details. Furry wings and tuft on her head. Fast shipping.


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Squishmallow 8" BABS the Blue Jay Canadian/UK Exclusive Extremely Rare! NWT

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