RARE Kellytoy Squishmallow 12" Kirk the Kola Police Officer Heroes Edition, First Responders, Canadian/UK Exclusive - NWT. Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card! Meet Detective Kirk! He helps teach other mallows on the force how to help in times of crisis. When mallows have a problem and need a helping hand, Kirk is the koala for the job! He knows that it can be scary to talk to people in uniform so he tries extra hard to be friendly and fair. With Kirk on the case, you don’t have to fear. Kirk is a light grey koala with enormous, round ears. The inside of his ears are white. He has a large black nose, as well as round eyes and a smiling mouth. He wears a dark blue police uniform, including a shirt with badge, a black belt and pants. His cap is predominantly blue with a yellow band around the base, another shield emblem on the front and a black brim.

Great embroidered and appliqued details. Fur lined ears. Fast shipping.

Squishmallow 12" Kirk Kola Police Detective Heroes Edition, Canadian/UK Excl.

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