RARE -  AUTHENTIC  Kelly Squishmallow Alice the Pink Llama Pegacorn 12"  NEW with tag. Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card! Strawberry smoothies and pineapple pizza are two of Alice's favorite things. Even though she has wings - Alice is afraid of heights! She prefers to keep both her feet on the ground, but maybe one day she will soar the skies. Alice is a llama pegacorn, a combination of llama, pegasus and unicorn. As such, she has features of all three: a gold unicorn horn, gold pegasus wings and a white llama face with round black eyes and a triangular nose. Her body is pastel pink.

Super squishy and oh so soft!!! Gold Metallic wings and horn. Great embroidered details. Fast shipping.

RARE Authentic Kelly Squishmallow Alice the Pink Llama Pegacorn 10" NEW w/Tag

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