LAST ONE! RARE - SOLD OUT IN STORES -AUTHENTIC  Kelly Squishmallow ABBY THE PINK OCTOPUS 10"  NEW With Tag . Each Squishmallow comes with a free custom personalized character card! Meet Abby. This water enthusiast takes her passion to the next level as the Head Lifeguard at a waterpark! Monitoring slides and ensuring Squishmallows' safety is kind of Abby's thing. At closing time, Abby lets loose and slips down her favorite slide: The Sea Creature Funnel! Abby is a pink octopus with a sparkling white belly. She has a round body with eight short tentacles. She has closed eyes and a smiling mouth. An emblem with a small purple heart and a small blue heart above a large red heart appears on her belly. Super squishy and oh so soft!!!  METALLIC HEARTS. SHOW SOME LOVE!!!! 

RARE Authentic Kelly Squishmallow ABBY THE PINK OCTOPUS 10" NEW w/Tag

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